Ian Perry, Founder
Region Lead: Stuttgart

Ian is Founder and CEO of Thinkers & Drinkers International. He provides strategic direction and oversight to all regions globally. Additionally he manages the second largest region, Stuttgart, Germany.

Hometown: Rockland, Maine, USA

Background: Military, IT, Business


Chris Gerritz, CoFounder

Chris is Co-Founder of Thinkers and provides key strategic oversight of the organization globally. He brings an immense depth of business and leadership knowledge to the team.

Region: Austin

Hometown: Portland, Oregon, USA

Background: Entrepreneur, Military, IT


Kasey Nichols,

Region Lead: Austin

Kasey has been involved in social membership groups for many years and has found a home with Thinkers and Drinkers in her home town of Austin. She's an expert facilitator, a thinker, and an open mind.

Region: Austin

Hometown: Austin, Texas, USA

Background: Real-Estate, Mom, Boss, HAM


Scott Hayden,
Region Lead: SanAntonio

Scott is a super-boss amazing dude. He has a majestic beard and contagious smile.

Region: San Antonio

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas, USA

Background: Beard Grower; Behavior Technician


Shota Gvaramadze,
Region Lead: Berlin

Shota is from Georgia the country, not the state.

Region: Berlin

Hometown: A tiny little village in Georgia

Background: Energy Consulting


Teresa Young,

Region Lead: Phoenix

Teresa is an entrepeneur and a military vet. She is epic in most every way.

Region: Phoenix

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Background: Military, Beauty, Business


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The best part about this group is getting to meet really cool people. You get share and express your ideas and opinions on different topics of life and also welcome in new ideas you may never have thought about before. Plus the drinking part is always fun.
— Lacey - San Antonio